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At Stout Gold & Silver, we are dedicated to making sure every customer walking through our door is given our undivided attention. Our commitment to you is giving you an honest assessment of your coins, and/or collection, and making sure that you get top dollar over and above anyone in our region!

“Do I need an appointment?”

No! Walk-Ins are always welcome! We do recommend an appointment as they will take priority over walk-ins. Call today to schedule an appointment! 806.374.8698 .

What do we buy?

We at Stout Gold & Silver specialize in purchasing/selling/trading of precious metals. Although our strong suit is primarily focused on bullion, we are always happy to look at any coins that fall into the numismatic category such as older gold and silver like pre-33 $20 Gold Liberties. To coins graded and in slabs from companies like PCGS & NGC. Unfortunately we are not in the market for paper currency or vintage postage stamps. We do however have resources for anyone inquiring about paper currency.

“How will I be paid for my products?”

More times than not, a physical check will be issued. We are able to provide cash payment on smaller transactions. We also have alternative payment methods that can be utilized if necessary.

  • Deluxe E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire

“Can I sell to you over the phone?”

YES! We are certainly happy to lock in a price for you over the phone for your products. We do ask that a detailed, and fairly accurate description of the product is given.

BE ADVISED: If the product arrives and is not the product described? Or if the product arrives and is in less than mint/retail condition, changes to the price agreed upon may be altered. If we can not agree to a price, we will return it at our expense.

Alternatively , you can simply confirm what you are shipping and we'll price it when it arrives and mail you a check. All Numismatic Coins have to be seen by us in the office to determine a purchase price. If we can not agree to a price, we will return it at our expense.

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Family owned and operated in the Texas Panhandle since 1986.

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